About Us

To find TargetDx Laboratory on the CDC’s CLIA Laboratory Search site, please enter “Lung Cancer Proteomics” in the Laboratory Name field or enter “05D2194953” in the CLIA Number field. Lung Cancer Proteomics (dba TargetDx Laboratory) is CLIA certified. See our CLIA certificate here.

A Better Quality of Life

TargetDx spent 14 years developing a simple blood test that can detect early stage Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer (NSCLC) with high sensitivity and specificity. Our approach focused on evaluating protein biomarkers in conjunction with proprietary algorithms and patient demographic information to provide a risk assessment for early stage lung cancer.

We chose protein markers as it reflects information on the physiological condition of the tissue as a result of interaction between the genotype and the environment.

Over the years, our company have discovered novel markers that may be related to lung cancer or have validated known markers with potential for diagnostic use in lung cancer. These discoveries have led to multiple patents and publications.

Data Driven Approach
Detect High Mortality Diseases

In 2016, we completed the validation of the Lung Cancer Detection Test 1 (LCDT1). The LCDT1 is a simple blood test that detects Stage 1 lung cancer at ~95% accuracy. The LCDT1 will revolutionize the way lung cancer is detected leading to early intervention and a better quality of life.