As a clinical laboratory, we have two ID numbers, one through the state of California and one that is Federal.

Our State CA ID through Laboratory Field Services is CLF-90005077 and has been renewed through October 4, 2023.

Our Federal CLIA ID is 05D2194953 and has been renewed through January 11, 2025.

CLIA-Certified COVID Testing Lab


TargetDx Laboratory (owned by Lung Cancer Proteomics) is an accredited high-complexity clinical laboratory (CLIA ID: 05D2194953, California State ID: CLF-90005077) with state-of-the-art equipment and 11,400 sq. ft. of testing capacity.

To find us on the CDC’s CLIA Laboratory Search site (https://www.cdc.gov/clia/LabSearch.html), please enter “Lung Cancer Proteomics” in the Laboratory Name field or enter 05D2194953 in the CLIA Number field.

TargetDx Laboratory(由 Lung Cancer Proteomics 拥有)是经过认证的高复杂性临床实验室(CLIA ID:05D2194953;  加利福尼亚州 ID:CLF-90005077),拥有最先进的设备和 11,400 平方英尺的测试能力.

要在 CDC 的 CLIA 实验室搜索 (CLIA Laboratory Search) (https://www.cdc.gov/clia/LabSearch.html) 网站上查找 TargetDx Laboratory 时,请在 Laboratory Name (实验室名称字) 段中输入 “Lung Cancer Proteomics”或在 CLIA Number (CLIA 编号字) 段中输入 “05D2194953”.

Our CLIA Certificate (我们的 CLIA 证书):

CA CPHL Certificate 2022-2023