DX Group

Our diverse team members bring with them extensive work experience and expertise in their respective fields. We are dedicated to innovating non-invasive clinical applications for early detection of cancer. We are committed to rigorous testing, data-driven processing, accurate unbiased reporting, and to engineer highly accurate and reliable diagnostic tools. Our goal is to make a significant impact on improving the survivability of cancer.

Thomas Long

Chief Executive Officer

Cherylle Goebel

Chief Operations Officer

Dorothy Wong, MD, JD

CLIA Lab Director

Gerald Weiss, MD

Clinical Consultant

Jyothsna Narla, MD

Medical Pathologist

Jerry Hurst, MA, CLS, CPHM

Technical/General Supervisor

Jerry 40 years of experience as a CLS, administrative lab director in hospitals, county public health, federal and private labs. He has managed CLIA inspection & training programs and worked with CDC, NIH, Kaiser, and more.

Nancy Lim, PharmD

Regulatory Affairs

Scientific Advisory Board

Dr. Robert McKenna, Jr., MD

Dr. McKenna pioneered minimally invasive lung cancer surgery. He has more than 30 years of experience as a thoracic surgeon and over 250 peer reviewed publications.

Dr. Andrew Wachtel, MD

Dr. Wachtel has been a PI/Sub-PI in more than 41 multi-center research studies and authored numerous peered-reviewed publications. He has over 21 years of experience in Internal, Pulmonary, and Critical Care Medicine.

Cherylle Goebel

Cherylle has expertise in project management (20 yrs) and R&D experience in genomics and proteomics (14 yrs). She has worked for Kaiser, Thermo (Affymetrix/Pano), UC Systems, and have founded 2 businesses.

Christopher Louden

Chris has over 16 years of expertise in statistics, machine learning, algorithms, and programming. He has been an author of a book and several publications. He has worked for HP, UTHSC, gaming techs, and research labs.